The human objectives of business may thus include economic well-being of the employees, social and psychological satisfaction of employees and development of human resources.

Founder having worries about the Society.  That reason company has been born at 2017. Company objective to explore and provide the job those need, And for the unemployment’s.  Our target 1 lakh people have to put on right place. As a company we understand the organisational need.



Sign up fee will be 999/- ( Nine hundred and ninety nine rupees only). This fee include the tamp duty, Agreements & charges and other documentation work. Sign up fee is the non refundable.

At present there is almost Zero signup fee. This fee will be might change and all rights reserved to company.

Market Opportunities


Human resources business are a growing field. Many are outsourced services, such as payroll, benefits, on-boarding, training, compliance and even handling sensitive human resource emergencies. …

Also use the opportunity to specialise in different aspects of HR that may help you establish expertise .This industries have immense opportunities to grow, And never ending the opportunities

Market opportunities will be always, there for the right people.

We needTo Catch it.

Its always open for those want to success in life.

an appropriate or favorable time or occasion: Their meeting afforded an opportunity to exchange views. a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal. a good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success

Our target Industries are IT, Manufacturer & Retails. We have huge opportunities for the manpower business.

The Staffing Industry includes companies which list employment vacancies, place applicants in employment, supply temporary workforce and all other employment related services. Market size of the Indian staffing industry was INR 26,650 crore in 2014 and is growing between 10-15% year on year.  This industries have continue growth in coming future. The industry is broadly classified as:

  1. Temporary/Flexi Staffing :

Firms which retain workers and supply temporary workforce to other companies for specific assignments. This is the largest segment with a market size of INR 19,900 crores which is 75% of the market. This is primarily because of pass through salary costs included in the revenue of such firms.

2.  Permanent recruitment :

Sourcing, screening, and on-boarding of candidates from junior level to positions to CXO-level positions(CXO level hiring is called)

3. Other Employement Services :

Market size of other employment services is at INR 3,500 crores which is 13% of the overall market. Other categories primarily include

  • Payroll administration
  • Recruitment process outsourcing
  • HR management and consulting
  • Employment training
  • Online job portals

Upto 2021 Market opportunities-

With the movement of more people from unorganised to organised segment, the number of employees working in organized setup would double by 2021 and the cost of managing employees would rise to about $2 billion. By 2021, HR Technology can help companies save at least 30% of $2 billion annually, which would amount to $600 million approximately,”

HR technologies industries can help companies cut people management expenses in the coming years.

“Clearly there is movement amongst startups. Big enterprises are slower but there is movement. Start ups have a clean slate…with no legacy, look for the latest and cheapest technology on subscription basis,”

 Company Rights

Company have all the right such as Termination of partner, Accept the notice, request. Company have all the right & reserve to take decision. In case of found any kind of fraud company can terminate without the notice.


Company always keep all kind of rights & Reserved

Security Deposit

At present there is no such kind of security deposit in future we have to plan by managements, And if there is decision by managements in between partners have to accept it else liable to reject or terminate the partnership.

Vital Fact 

  1. 2-4 Hour Times have to give every days. Once lot many work ,partner have to work many more or extend there time.
  2. There is no amount will get without the working
  3. Free time & work place.
  4. Keep consistency work which will be longer time output.
  5. We not committed such any time frame to return or any fixed amounts.
  6. Amount will be return as per work performance or your income will be as per work performance.
  7. There is no limitation for income such a good performance work person
  8. If order is more partners have to full fill the target as too.
  9. If target is not full fill and work is as casual continues two quarter, Partner will be liable to terminate without any notice.
  10. Non-responsible, bad or unprofessional behaviour will cause the terminate from Organisation & Business Partner.
  11. Company have no any policy and not promise any fixed amount & income slab.
  12. Company at present not agree to give any kind of shareholding with business partners.

Resources of Partner 

There is minimum tools & resource need to arrange by Business partner.

Laptop & Webcam, smart phone, Internet , Table & Chair. These are basic tools or resource need from Business partner.

Intellectual property and rights

All rights , title & interest reserved to company. Including property rights intellectuals, any others material , clients data base, clients connection..etc

Business partner-  agree to share all the data & privacy. As per the displayed images rights to reserved- Protection, Patent, Brand, Intellectual property Trademarks, secrets..etc.

Confidentiality Agreements

. Each party agreed that it will use such confidential information only for the purpose of this agreements and that will not disclose or release any third party. With the exception of its personnel or approved subcontractor who require access to such for purpose of carrying out that party’s obligation under the agreements.

Term and  Termination

This agreements shall come into force on the effective date and shall continue to be valid . And in full force until the termination.

Any termination of work or agreements  shall be without prejudice to any other rights or remedies a party may be entitle to hereunder or at law and shall not affect any accrues liabilities of either party nor the coming into or continuance in force of any provision hereof which is expressly or by implication intended to come into or continue in force on or after such termination.

Business Model

Our Business model will be suited for Part Time, Full Time, unemployed person. There is no fixed Education background needed. But English/Hindi Speaking will be preferred/Compulsory.

People/Business Partner can work from anywhere across the world or India. Our Business partner or Franchise owned can be..

  1. From any religious
  2. Any educational background
  3. Any part from India or across the world.

Company don’t discriminate any kind of culture, colour, gender, religious.

Company aim to build the Business owner, Once partner will be started later on it will slowly grow and make their own team take offices and run own business as franchise owner.

Business partner always have to work under the company privacy and policy. In case of out of company policy , company always free to take decision and it cause of termination the agreements.

Company are always committed to maintain the clear policy, And business commitments.

This Business Model as it simple to work as below list process-

  1. First you will get requirements and order from Company.
  2. After that you need to start to screening the candidate and search the resume.
  3. After that you Partner need to schedule the candidate for interview as said inquiry from clients.
  4. Once candidate will be selected partner or company  need to raise the bill, Once payments receive , partner will get amount as said agreed.

Expenditure & Investments by Partner

As we had explain this model work for Part time, House wife, Unemployed Person. So there is 0( Zero) Investments cost for the partner. Minimum required resource is

  1. Laptop/PC , b. Smart Mobile. c. Internet Connection with good speed & Your Saving Accounts.

Work Place

Business Partner can work from Any where like Home, Office, ….etc. And there is no Time bonding. Later on once partner business will be on some good stage you can take office & staff and run the business, for Hiring the office there is no bonding from company.

In this business model people can start from the single chair at home place later on they can do as per his/her wish.

Service Warranty

In this industries common service replacements of candidate is within 90 days. So if there is any replacements come. Business partner need to give same replacements of candidates. Apart from this need to regular touch with candidate or  Clients and take feedback for the jobs. So regular service will be showing our dedication on industries, clients & candidate will be more valuable for our organisation.

Business Partner Roll & Responsibilities.

  1. Full fill the requirements as per company assign work.
  2. Left images are showing almost the work, so refer the left images.
  3. Apart from candidate & clients work.
  4. Partner need to maintain good work culture, communication with other business partners, Company Person.
  5. You can not give wrong commitments to the clients and candidates.
  6. With company always should be pass out right information.

Support from Company – ( Marketing, Inquiry, Software, Mail, Call, Training, Payments Collection)

Apart from candidate placements everything will be take care by the company. Company will provide all kind of training online, off line, Documentation, Web portal, Email supports, Payments collection, Legal Dispute, Marketing supports..etc.

So there is nothing over head on our business partners. Our business partner will be work freely and hassle free.


As per the term and condition ,will be limitation.

Incentive & Bonus Plans

As said agreements and business plan we have clearly given 60/40 %. After that there will be Incentive and Bonus Plan which will be vary as per managements policy , and managements keeps full rights to changes.

This Incentive plan will be inform you on regular basis by mail or written. And partner should to know it will be for always good performance people.

Meeting , Reports &  Training Schedule

There will be schedule training between Company & Business partners, Its depends on managements & Business Partner knowledge. Training schedule will be weekly, monthly & Depends. Company will be keep informing you by Written.

Training mode might any online or offline and documented. Managements reserved to changes any dates and time. Our partner should be on time  as per the schedule times. Training is like your knowledge updates.

The opportunities, Industries & Market Description.

As discuss no 6, Company focusing on IT & Non IT Sector. And there is huge growth in the Human Resource industries.

Marketing Plan


Company  target market is IT , manufacturer & Retails segments. And our target order portion will be HR, Accounts, managers, Sales & marketing, Service Engineer, Projects Engineers & Others.

Operation Plan

Operation will be very simple as below step by step –

Company/Order- First Company responsibilities is to market and take order. And do all kind of agreements with clients. And here company have rights to changes the price & rate with clients as per clients needs. Then company will be forwards to Our internal business partners.

Business partners- Here partners will be receive order as per clients said agreements by written E-Mail or others. Once order receive Partner should start matching the resume and screening the candidates. Once confirm the matching of requirements start Telephonic or Web training. Once internal interview over then you need to arrange and schedule the interview. And make sure all followup with candidate for Address, landmark, Google Map, Time of Interview. And same co-ordination with clients.

Once Interview over check the feedback with clients. And once candidate will be selected should be inform in company by written E-Mail , All the candidates & Company list.

Once Candidate selected Company will be raise the bill and start the payments followup. And once payments will receive from clients within three working hours company will be transfer amounts in our same accounts/ Business partners. And company compulsory should collect payments receipt from the clients and share with our business partners.

Once Payments received company/Business partner should be followup and check the feedback. If any changes or need service or replacements make sure for the replacements.

Financial Plan

Below chart show the income and financial plan, The rate of charge will be vary depends upon the time & clients, And company have all the rights.

  1. For basic Profile & Minimum Time chart.

2.  For Higher profile candidate & Regular Time chart

Team Managements & Organisation

There is General training will be conducted online, And will be schedule General meeting Yearly Two times. Every six month compulsory have to attend company General awards & meeting.

   Director/Founder       Director/Co-Founder/CEO

Geographical Plan

This is the Key factor and should be matching company standards. There is partner Signup Limitation as follow up..

Tier-1 City- 8 ( Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hydrabad, Vishakhapatna, Pune).

Tier-2 City- 4

Rural- 1